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Does Aaron Rodgers actually have “COVID toe”?

An unvaccinated Amari Cooper will miss the Cowboys' Thanksgiving matchup due to COVID, emphasizing how a player's decision to get vaccinated or not can impact their whole organization.

During his most recent appearance with Pat McAfee, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers said that he has “COVID toe.” We thought he was joking. Not everyone did.

The Wall Street Journal has published an entire article based on the premise that Rodgers definitely has COVID toe. It’s a real complication of the infection, but it’s a skin condition. Rodgers made it clear during the McAfee interview that he’s dealing with a bone issue, not a skin issue.

Of course, we’ve all learned that hard way that Rodgers can’t always be taken at his word. Moreover, it’s odd that he’s speaking so openly about his pinkie toe being a problem, since that essentially puts a bull’s-eye on it moving forward. (Fortunately for him, Ndamukong Suh no longer plays for the Rams.)

Still, we regarded the “COVID toe” comment as a joke, not as an acknowledgement that the current bone issue he’s dealing with in his foot is a complication of his COVID diagnosis. The Wall Street Journal took a different approach, entirely.

Here’s hoping that, when Rodgers has his weekly session with reporters on Wednesday, someone will seek and secure clarification.