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Hundreds show up for Tim Tebow $160 autograph signing

When we first heard that Tim Tebow would be charging $160 to sign his autograph, we weren’t sure who would be willing to pay such a hefty price.

The answer: A huge crowd of people.

Tebow appeared Saturday at Palm Beach Autographs, and so did a crowd estimated by the Florida Times-Union at 1,500 who thought $160 was a perfectly reasonable price to pay for Tebow’s signature. Some also spent an additional $75 for photos with the former Florida quarterback.

Tebow told the Florida Times-Union that “a portion” of the proceeds would go to his Tim Tebow Foundation. There’s no word on how much that portion was, or where the rest of the money went. If 1,500 people paid $160 each, that’s $240,000 -- before we get to the $75 photos.

It’s an honor to have people want to want you and want to have your autograph and want to be around you,” Tebow said. “That’s special to have an opportunity to sign for people, but it’s more special to be able to do things like we’re doing and being able to really just brighten kids’ days in really their darkest hour of need, which is a lot of what my foundation is about.”

One 12-year-old fan said his parents took him out of school on Friday so he could fly all the way from Pennsylvania to get Tebow’s autograph.

“I think he’s a good role model for kids,” the 12-year-old said. “He’s my role model.”