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It’s casual Saturday at the labor talks

Casual Friday

We would love it if there was a lot of breaking news on the labor front this Saturday. That would likely mean good things were happening.

It’s more likely that we won’t have a lot of exciting information to pass along as the lawyers meet to work out the details of the upcoming CBA. For example: We can tell you that talks have re-started Saturday between lawyers for both sides, although things are a little more casual.

Albert Breer of is at the stakeout point and has seen a variety of lawyers head inside, including NFL general counsel Jeff Pash.

“After spending all week in suits in the dog days of the summer here, the guys look like they’ve got a golf outing to go to today,” Breer writes.

Even Breer has ditched the suit for the shorts. Yep, that’s about all we have for you so far.

Some NFL owners like Jerry Jones have remained in Manhattan to be nearby in case they are needed over the weekend. I’ll let you know if I see him at my bodega buying up all the beef jerky.