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Jets won’t place Darrelle Revis on IR yet


The general consensus is that the Jets have something less than a 0.002 percent chance of making it to the Super Bowl now that cornerback Darrelle Revis is out with a torn ACL.

Given everything he’s said over the last three-plus years, it should come as no surprise that Rex Ryan is giving his team a better chance than that. His eternal optimism is fueling the Jets’ decision not to put Revis on injured reserve at this point. Ryan explained his rationale during his Friday media session.

“If there’s that 0.002 percent chance he could play in a Super Bowl, why take that option out?” Ryan asked, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News.

If Ryan and the Jets actually thought that was a possibility, they could just put Revis on injured reserve/recall and bring him back onto the active roster when he’s healthy enough to play. The problem with that approach is that there’s almost no chance Revis is going to be ready to play at any point this season.

Revis isn’t going to have surgery for a couple of weeks, which means that he would have less than four full months to recover in order to play in New Orleans in February. The prospect of any doctor giving clearance for a player coming off of a torn ACL after that amount of time is impossible to fathom. Remember, people marveled at Adrian Peterson’s recovery from a torn ACL and he took twice as much time as Revis would have before the Super Bowl.

If the Jets even make the Super Bowl, which isn’t something that feels particularly likely at this moment in time. It might become more likely if Antonio Cromartie backs up his claim to be the best corner in the league with Revis out -- a claim that you won’t be shocked to learn Rex enjoys -- but we’re thinking that there’s about a 0.002 percent chance of that happening.