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Lito Sheppard says McNabb puked during Super Bowl


One of the great mysteries of the modern age involves not a grassy knoll by something that may or may not have been deposited on the grass crown of a football field.

As legend has it, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb vomited during crunch time of Super Bowl XXXIX. McNabb has vehemently denied it. Some teammates have said it didn’t happen.

Now, former teammate Lito Sheppard has supplied an eyewitness account. Via, Sheppard told WIP radio on Monday morning that he saw McNabb throw up.

“Yes,” Sheppard said. “He did.”

Sheppard says it didn’t happen in the huddle, but as McNabb was walking to the line of scrimmage. Sheppard also said it was “subtle.”

If it happened, it surely was subtle. Because it escaped the notice of any of the many cameras aimed at the action. (Insert Spygate joke here.)

Whether he did or didn’t, McNabb clearly seemed to have a lack of urgency at a time when the Eagles were trailing by 10 points without a lot of time left in the game. Moreover, as the photo attached to this story indicates, it wouldn’t have been the first time.