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Looking further at the “Panthers will select Cam Newton” story

Cam Newton

Former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton throws for NFL football scouts during Auburn Pro Day on Tuesday, March 8, 2011, in Auburn, Ala.(AP Photo/Todd J. Van Emst)


This is how Tom Sorensen’s article in the Charlotte Observer starts Wednesday:

“The Carolina Panthers will select Cam Newton with the first pick in the NFL draft, or are working hard to convince the football world they plan to.”

We don’t want to call the article a “report” or a “column” because it’s a little unclear what it is. We can deduce that there is a lot of Newton-to-Carolina information floating around, and Sorensen isn’t quite sure just yet what to make of it.

On PFT Live Monday, Florio said that he thinks it’s a smokescreen and that the Panthers ultimately want another team to trade up for the pick.

It’s hard to imagine the Panthers have made up their mind yet. Blaine Gabbert has his Pro Day on Thursday, although there has been chatter that the Panthers aren’t in love with him.

NFL Network’s Mike Lombardi said Wednesday on air that the Panthers will decide this week between the two quarterbacks.

“One of those two men is going to be first pick in the draft,” Lombardi said.

That sounds about right. But at this point, we’re not really sure about anything in this draft.