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Mark Cuban thinks NFL chasing money in Las Vegas will backfire

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban criticized the Raiders' decision to move to Las Vegas but Mike Florio says there's plenty of reasons why the relocation makes sense.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has never hesitated to critique the NFL’s business model, and he has done so again regarding the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas.

Cuban said on ESPN that he sees the NFL’s decision to let the Raiders leave Oakland just because Nevada is willing to build them a stadium is going to be a bad look in a few years.

“Why? There’s just no good reason. It’s no disrespect to Las Vegas, it’s a great city and it’s vibrant. But they’re going to a smaller market, it’s transient, and it’s just another example of chasing every last dollar, and that tends to backfire,” Cuban said.

Cuban famously compared the NFL to fat hogs ready to get slaughtered, and he thinks the league will eventually implode under the weight of its own greed. We’ll see in a few years if an expensive Las Vegas stadium has thousands of empty seats on Sundays, which would suggest that Cuban may be on to something.