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Marquette King suggests discrimination has ended his NFL punting career

The Raiders may never sign Colin Kaepernick or even talk to him again, but by bringing him in for his first NFL workout in over five years, they began breaking down the league-wide taboo against the QB.

Former Raiders punter Marquette King says his NFL career has ended, and he believes discrimination has something to do with it.

King tweeted that he is “done fighting,” said there have been very few Black punters in the NFL, and then in a series of tweets suggested that Black punters and kickers face discrimination.

“Not calling it a career just settling with the fact that I haven’t been able to get another fair opportunity,” King wrote. “I haven’t officially retired I’m just not fighting to get in a league that ignores the resume I’ve created that’s better that over half of the punters in the NFL.”

King said he attempted to pave the way for Black punters and kickers but doesn’t see much progress in the NFL.

“I tried but it’s a lot of brothers still not getting fair opportunity as well in the League as punters n kickers. Some of the ones that got a shot I’n preseason would hit me but me but what could I say? I was cut with a successful resume,” King wrote.

King said he has felt this way for some time but decided not to remain quiet about it.

“It’s only been 6 African American punters 2 play in the NFL since 1920 n earn at least 1 credited season. Over the last 3 seasons I havent been able to get a job but still have a top 5 punting average,” King wrote. “Being quiet allowed people to create bullshyt narratives about me n I thought being quiet would get me another job in the NFL but none of that worked so I’m taking matters into my own hands. Now the info is officially coming from the actual source.”

King signed a three-year contract with the Broncos in 2018 but played in only four games for them before he was released with an injury settlement. After three full seasons out of the league, it’s safe to say King won’t be getting another chance, no matter how deserving he thinks he is.