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Michael Bennett has a unique reason for disliking Matthew Stafford

Michael Bennett


We pause from the ongoing coverage of whatever it is they’re going to call last night’s game-altering officiating blunder for a reminder to anyone who pays attention to football: Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is one of the most fascinating characters in all of sports.

Two weeks ago, Michael’s brother, Martellus, scoffed at the notion that they’re crazy by explaining that he and Michael are normal and that everyone else is crazy. Michael shared some of that normalcy on Monday night after Seattle’s win over the Lions.

“I don’t like Matt Stafford that much,” Bennett said, via Curtis Crabtree of KJR and PFT. And then Michael gave the reason for his feeling.

"[H]e’s from Dallas and Dallas, they killed the President,” Bennett said. “It’s where JFK, one of the greatest Presidents, died at so I just have a little hatred towards him.”

Someone then asked whether Bennett indeed holds the November 1963 assassination of JFK, which happened nearly 25 years before Stafford was born, against him.

“I hold that against him,” Bennett said.

Bennett then talked about an injury he suffered during the game, but he found a way to bring it all back to Stafford.

“My leg hurt but I got up like a G. I feel good,” Bennett said. “But yeah, they killed JFK man, so that’s why I got a little hatred for him.”

Martellus Bennett actually began his career with the Dallas Cowboys. Fortunately for Martellus, neither he nor Michael expressed those views during the time Martellus lived and worked in Dallas. Although given their willingness to say whatever they want to say, it’s a surprise they didn’t.

Meanwhile, Michael will get the chance to expand on his feelings next month, when the Seahawks play the Cowboys. In Dallas.