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Michael Thomas suggests Saints are trying to damage his reputation

Mike Florio answers questions on when the Saints may announce who their quarterback will be and why the Packers may have had miscommunication with Aaron Rodgers.

Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas hit back at his team with a cryptic tweet early on Monday morning.

Thomas, who has been the subject of several reports indicating that the team is unhappy with his decision to wait until June to have ankle surgery that was originally recommended in January, posted a tweet that indicated he believes the Saints are attempting to damage his reputation.

“They tried to damage your reputation. You saved theirs by not telling your side of the story,” Thomas wrote.

If Thomas is going to tweet that, however, why doesn’t he just tell his side of the story? Right now, the people telling the story are saying that Thomas waited longer than he should have to get a surgery that he knew would require months of rehab, and that Thomas spent much of the offseason ignoring calls from the Saints’ coaches and trainer checking in on the status of his ankle. If there’s more to the story, Thomas should tell it.