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Mike Zimmer on consecutive timeouts: “I screwed up”

After pulling out a win over the Vikings on SNF without Dak Prescott, Chris Simms breaks down what makes the Cowboys' offense so tough to defend and why it could very well carry them all the way to Super Bowl LVI.

With 1:04 remaining in the fourth quarter, Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer called a timeout on defense. After the timeout, just before the Cowboys snapped the ball, Zimmer called timeout again. That’s a no-no.

NFL teams can’t call consecutive timeouts, and the officials are supposed to ignore a second timeout call. But the officials wrongly granted the timeout, and by rule, being granted a second timeout is defensive delay of game, a five-yard penalty.

Zimmer took the blame on himself afterward.

“I screwed up,” Zimmer said. “I forgot that I called one. Somebody yelled at me. I knew the play that they were running, it was really the same play that they hit against us for a long touchdown. Somebody said ‘call timeout’ and I did. The official wasn’t supposed to grant it. They’re supposed to not -- anyway, it’s not his fault. So we ended up getting a five-yard penalty.”

Even worse than the two timeouts were what the Vikings did afterward: Allowed Ezekiel Elliott to turn a short pass into a third-and-11 conversion, and then allowed the game-winning touchdown on the next play. Zimmer’s screwup was bad, but his defense’s performance after that was worse.