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New Rams logo has no real changes (other than the obvious one)


Earlier this week, the St. Louis Rams became the Los Angeles Rams. The team with a new city now has a logo.

Other than the obvious, it’s not much different than the old one.

Which, especially in light of the ongoing use of gold in the logo, means that the Rams likely will be keeping the gold horns adopted in 2000, the year after the Rams won the Super Bowl. Many believe that they should make a full-time shift back to the yellow horns. And a cynic would suggest that maybe they will.

For now, the smart business play is to return to L.A. in their current uniforms, sell plenty of jerseys, hats, helmets (miniature and full-size), and then make a permanent change back to the old-school yellow-and-blue at some point down the road.

Maybe when Kroenkeworld opens in 2019. Maybe later.

In the interim, the Rams can break out the yellow-horned helmets from time to time, as they currently do. And when they switch back to yellow and blue, they can periodically change the horns to white, Roman Gabriel-style, selling a bunch of blue-and-white jerseys and helmets and whatnot.

Regardless, these decisions will be based not on what looks good or resonates with fans who never rooted for the gold-horned Rams. These decisions will be based on business. Specifically, the business of maximizing the extent to which people will part with their money.