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PFT’s Week 11 2021 power rankings

Matthew Stafford and the Rams lost their second-straight game when they fell 31-10 to the 49ers in Von Miller and Odell Beckham Jr.'s debuts with Los Angeles.

1. Titans (8-2, last week No. 3): They’ve nearly perfected the weekly goal of going 1-0.

2. Packers (8-2, No. 5): If the road to the Super Bowl once again goes through Green Bay, it will be very hard to deny the Packers their first Super Bowl berth in 11 years.

3. Cowboys (7-2, No. 6): The fourth seed is a given. The top seed is a possibility.

4. Cardinals (8-2, No. 1): They definitely need Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins.

5. Rams (7-3, No. 4): Matthew Stafford is suddenly playing too much like Matthew Stafford.

6. Buccaneers (6-3, No. 2): They may have to do it the hard way in the playoffs, again.

7. Bills (6-3, No. 8): A home-and-home with Bill Belichick looms.

8. Patriots (6-4, No. 10): With the “good” teams compressed this year, coaching will make a real difference.

9. Ravens (6-3, No. 7): The Ravens will keep seeing safety blitzes until they show that they have an answer.

10. Chiefs (6-4, No. 14): The rest of the division had their chance to keep them down, and they failed miserably.

11. Saints (5-4, No. 9): Jameis Winston is not Drew Brees, and Trevor Siemian is not Jameis Winston.

12. Steelers (5-3-1, No. 11): That’s what you get when you don’t have a backup quarterback that can deliver a win on short notice against a bad team.

13. Colts (5-5, No. 17): They’ve got the formula to thrive in the playoffs, if they can get there.

14. Bengals (5-4, No. 16): It wasn’t a bad bye week for a team that entered it with two bad losses.

15. Vikings (4-5, No. 21): The dream of a 9-8 finish, the No. 7 seed, and a quick exit from the postseason survives.

16. Panthers (5-5, No. 22): Forget about teaching Cam Newton the Joe Brady offense. Joe Brady needs to learn the Cam Newton offense.

17. Chargers (5-4, No. 12): At least the fans who cheer for the visiting team are getting their money’s worth.

18. Raiders (5-4, No. 13): If only they had the option to walk away from the table while they were up.

19. Browns (5-5, No. 15): The offense isn’t nearly good enough to compensate for a struggling defense.

20. 49ers (4-5, No. 23): If they could play the Rams more often, they could still win the division.

21. Falcons (4-5, No. 18): With the Patriots coming to town on Thursday night, they don’t have much time to put this one behind them.

22. Seahawks (3-6, No. 19): If they get shut out again, they should start calling it a Seahawk egg.

23. Eagles (4-6, No. 27): Some teams get better, some get worse. The Eagles quietly are getting better.

24. Broncos (5-5, No. 20): Vic Fangio will be a great defensive coordinator hire in the offseason.

25. Dolphins (3-7, No. 30): They’re set up to go on a run.

26. Washington (3-6, No. 29): If Ron Rivera can will this team to the postseason, he’ll deserve a third coach of the year trophy.

27. Giants (3-6, No. 24): Beat the Bucs, and the vibe around this team instantly changes.

28. Bears (3-6, No. 25): At least we get to watch Justin Fields on Thanksgiving.

29. Jaguars (2-7, No. 26): Wait ‘til next year will be the mantra for this year and next year. And maybe the next year.

30. Lions (0-8-1, No. 32): It’s been a no-lose November for the Lions, thanks to a bye and a tie.

31. Jets (2-7, No. 28): Rex Ryan vs. Robert Saleh would be more fun to watch than any Jets game since Rex was the coach.

32. Texans (1-8, No. 31): To settle the St. Louis lawsuit against the NFL, Houstonians are willing to let the Texans move there.