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PFT’s Week 12 power rankings

James White, Danny Amendola, Bacarri Rambo


1. Patriots (10-0; last week No. 1): Unlike 2007, they’re not routinely blowing people out. Like 2007, they’re winning every single game.

2. Panthers (10-0; No. 2): Never before has a 10-0 team been taken less seriously.

3. Cardinals (8-2; No. 3): The team that can’t lose in prime time barely won.

4. Bengals (8-2; No. 4): The team that struggles to win in prime time barely lost.

5. Packers (7-3; No. 6): Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, more than a few Vikings currently have personal problems at home.

6. Broncos (8-2; No. 7): Brock Osweiler got a win on his 25th birthday; he’ll get a few more before he turns 26.

7. Steelers (6-4; No. 8): This is perhaps the one team that could keep New England out of the Super Bowl.

8. Vikings (7-3; No. 5): Is a one-and-done playoff appearance better than not going to the playoffs at all?

9. Seahawks (5-5; No. 10): Meet the new Beast Mode. Same as the old Beast Mode.

10. Chiefs (5-5; No. 20): The team that embarrassed the Pats last year could get another crack at them in the playoffs.

11. Giants (5-5; No. 15): That Week One debacle could end up haunting Tom Coughlin after Week 17.

12, Bills (5-5; No. 9): With only three catches, Sammy Watkins is gonna be upset. Again.

13. Raiders (4-6; No. 11): “They can never take away that we were once 4-3.”

14. Colts (5-5; No. 18): If Adam Vinatieri and/or Matthew Hasselbeck can hang around a few more years, they could get a “Colt 45" endorsement deal.

15. Texans (5-5; No. 19): Ryan Mallett oversleeping may have been the best thing that happened to this team.

16. Jets (5-5; No. 12): Revis Island has been obliterated by a TsNukami©.

17. Falcons (6-4; No. 13): When is it fair to ask whether Matt Ryan is a top 25 quarterback?

18. Buccaneers (5-5; No. 23): It’s possible that the top two picks from the 2015 draft will both be closer to Peyton Manning than Ryan Leaf.

19. Cowboys (3-7; No. 30): For the Cowboys, the playoffs officially start on Thursday.

20. Bears (4-6; No. 14): The Bears won’t be feeling thankful about playing in Green Bay on the night they retire Brett Favre’s jersey.

21. Rams (4-6; No. 16): When a team prefers a potentially concussed Case Keenum to a lucid Nick Foles, that’s not good for the team -- or for Foles.

22. Dolphins (4-6; No. 17): It’s going to be a long December at Sun Life Stadium, with four games there in the last five weeks of the season.

23. Jaguars (4-6; No. 25): Two wins in five days isn’t bad for a team that hasn’t been winning many more than two games in entire seasons.

24. Lions (3-7; No. 26): Maybe more struggling teams will start firing their General Managers during the season.

25. Washington (4-6; No. 21): Maybe they should fire their defensive coordinator and hire Rob Ryan.

26. Eagles (4-6; No. 22): Chip Kelly’s approach to acquiring NFL quarterbacks apparently was inspired by the inscription on the Statue of Liberty.

27. Saints (4-6; No. 24): The Saints defense is so bad that the bye still scored 25 points against it.

28. Ravens (3-7; No. 31): A disastrous 2015 will now spill over into 2016.

29. 49ers (3-7; No. 27): The 49ers put their quarterback on injured reserve. They’re now trying to figure out how to do the same thing with their coach.

30. Titans (2-8; No. 29): They’re still not out of it, which tells you everything you need to know about the AFC South.

31. Chargers (2-8; No. 28): As the Chargers prepare to try to move to L.A., they could have a hard time beating either of the local college teams there.

32. Browns (2-8; No. 32): Maybe Johnny Manziel’s punishment for last month’s incident was to make him the starter.