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PFT’s Week 13 2021 power rankings

After beating Seattle in Week 12, the Washington Football Team sits just behind the Cowboys in the NFC East, and Mike Florio and Chris Simms could see them putting up a fight with Dallas for the division crown.

1. Cardinals (9-2, last week No. 1): Their biggest concern during the bye week is whether their coach will bid farewell and return to the Big 12.

2. Patriots (8-4, No. 2): So, who will they play in the Super Bowl?

3. Packers (9-3, No. 4): Broken toe, COVID toe, camel toe. None of those are going to slow down Aaron Rodgers.

4. Buccaneers (8-3, No. 5): A year after Bruce Arians gave Leonard Fournette an ultimatum, Fournette has given Tampa Bay a critical road win.

5. Ravens (8-3, No. 7): Only a great team can overcome four interceptions by its quarterback and win.

6. Chiefs (7-4, No. 8): Can they have the same kind of post-bye surge that the Bucs enjoyed a year ago?

7. Rams (7-4, No. 3): The Greatest Show-offs on Turf may be shown the door early in the 2021 postseason, if they even get there.

8. Cowboys (7-4, No. 6): Since beating the Vikings with Cooper Rush, the Cowboys are 1-3.

9. Bills (7-4, No. 11): If the Bills are going to win the division, they’re going to have to earn it with a couple of games coming up against the Patriots.

10. Titans (8-4, No. 9): Their bye couldn’t come at a better time.

11. Bengals (7-4, No. 12): The Bengals may be the best overall team in the AFC North.

12. Colts (6-6, No. 10): Every other playoff team in the AFC should hope and pray that the Colts don’t qualify.

13. 49ers (6-5, No. 16): Every other playoff team in the NFC should hope and pray that the 49ers don’t qualify

14. Raiders (6-5, No. 21): They’ll possibly win just enough games to barely miss the playoffs.

15. Vikings (5-6, No. 13): They’ll possibly win just enough games to barely miss the playoffs.

16. Broncos (6-5, No. 23): They’ll possibly win just enough games to barely miss the playoffs.

17. Chargers (6-5, No. 14): They’ll possibly win just enough games to barely miss the playoffs.

18. Steelers (5-5-1, No. 15): They definitely won’t win just enough games to barely miss the playoffs.

19. Browns (6-6, No. 17): The Browns is the Browns all over again.

20. Washington (5-6, No. 22): Ron Rivera could be earning his third coach of the year award.

21. Falcons (5-6, No. 24): Cordarrelle Patterson isn’t an MVP candidate, but few players are currently more valuable to their teams.

22. Saints (5-6, No. 18): When “who dat?” becomes “boo dat!”, things are getting a little desperate in the Superdome.

23. Dolphins (5-7, No. 25): Coincidentally (or not), the conclusion of the Deshaun Watson talk has allowed Tua Tagovailoa to reach a higher level of performance.

24. Panthers (5-7, No. 19): Things change fast in the NFL; after beating the Cardinals to get to .500, the Panthers are imploding.

25. Eagles (5-7, No. 20): The table was set. Now? Not.

26. Giants (4-7, No. 27): They finally won a game when retiring the jersey of a Super Bowl-era hero. They won’t have to worry about playing another game like that for a long time.

27. Bears (4-7, No. 28): The institutional mishandling of the Matt Nagy report from last week made his ability to get a Thanksgiving victory even more impressive.

28. Jets (3-8, No. 31): Both New York teams winning in the same window is officially a sign of the apocalypse.

29. Seahawks (3-8, No. 26): Jamal Adams may soon want to be traded back to the Jets.

30. Texans (2-9, No. 29): Will David Culley be one and done?

31. Jaguars (2-9, No. 30): Will Urban Meyer be one and done?

32. Lions (0-10-1, No. 32): Will Dan Campbell be one and done?