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PFT’s Week Four Power Rankings

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, left, congratulates quarterback Tom Brady after Brady threw the 400th touchdown pass of his NFL career in the first half of an NFL football game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Stew Milne)


1. Patriots (3-0; last week No. 1): The Tom Brady Eff You Tour is in midseason form.

2. Packers (3-0; No. 2): Yes, Aaron Rodgers is Michael Jordan. If each of those five touchdown passes from Monday night count as Super Bowl wins.

3. Broncos (3-0; No. 3): With the Minnesota defense coming to town, maybe Peyton Manning should move from shotgun formation to punt formation.

4. Cardinals (3-0; No. 5): Arizona’s defensive backs have become Colin Kaepernick’s favorite receivers.

5. Bengals (3-0; No. 6): Maybe the best way to win a playoff game is to avoid one with a bye.

6. Falcons (3-0; No. 11): Dan Quinn and company made great halftime adjustments. Or the Cowboys didn’t. Or both.

7. Bills (2-1; No. 7): The Dolphins may regret not trying to hire Rex Ryan this year.

8. Cowboys (2-1; No. 4): On Sunday night, The Walking Dead returns to prime time. Next week, that zombie show will be back on AMC.

9. Seahawks (1-2; No. 10): It doesn’t matter if the offense is struggling when the defense is giving up no points.

10. Panthers (3-0; No. 13): Is Jared Allen too old to draw roughing the passer penalties?

11. Steelers (2-1; No. 12): Can Mike Vick stay healthy for 4-6 weeks?

12. Chiefs (1-2; No. 8): They’re on to Cincinnati. Where they’ll also be on to 1-3.

13. Vikings (2-1; No. 19): Three weeks after a stinker against the 49ers, the Vikings can make a statement against the Broncos.

14. Jets (2-1; No. 14): The New York Jets, finding new and innovative ways to create dysfunction since 1999. If not much earlier than that.

15. Ravens (0-3; No. 9): Never before has one team been so unable to cover one receiver.

16. Dolphins (1-2; No. 15): Could the guy who replaced Tony Sparano get the same post-London treatment as the guy Sparano replaced last year?

17. Rams (1-2; No. 16): Based on Sunday’s crowd, Stan Kroenke possibly thought he’d built a new stadium in Pennsylvania.

18. Raiders (2-1; No. 25): Latavius Murray says the goal is to win the division, and that may not be all that far-fetched.

19. Chargers (1-2; No. 17): “At least we didn’t give up 300 yards to Adrian.”

20. Colts (1-2; No. 21): “Yeah! We came back from a double-digit deficit we deserved to be in to beat a team that won two games last year!”

21. Browns (1-2; No. 20): Glass half full assessment? They didn’t give up when they were down by 17.

22. Eagles (1-2; No. 30): Glass half empty assessment? They nearly gave up when they were up 24.

23. Texans (1-2; No. 22): Glass exactly at midpoint analysis? Folks hated the old field, and they hate the new one, too.

24. Titans (1-2; No. 23): Glass slipper shatters early.

25. Giants (1-2; No. 26): Victor Cruz’s return can make them better. If he’s going to play defense.

26. Jaguars (1-2; No. 24): A one-point loss counts the same in the standings as a blowout. And that’s the best thing that can be said about the Foxboro experience.

27. 49ers (1-2; No. 18): Which happens first -- 49ers fans clamor for Blaine Gabbert or they become Raiders fans?

28. Lions (0-3; No. 27): “The best 0-3 team in NFL history” will soon be “the best 0-4 team in NFL history.”

29. Washington (1-2; No. 28): Crazy as it sounds, this team could still win the division.

29. Buccaneers (1-2; No. 29): Last year, a 1-2 start would have been promising in the NFC South. This year, with two of the teams at 3-0, the Bucs already are playing for third place.

31. Saints (0-3; No. 31): The reports and counter-reports regarding whether Drew Brees has a torn rotator cuff is almost as exciting as the team’s games.

32. Bears (0-3; No. 32): If the reward for stinking is being traded to a contender, count on a lot more stink in Chicago.