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Raiders seen as least likely to move to L.A.

Mark Davis


It very well may be that the Rams, Chargers, and Raiders each apply for permission to relocate to Los Angeles. At the ownership meetings that occurred last week, however, it became more clear among the owners that, barring significant changes to the franchise’s management structure, the Raiders won’t be making the move.

Whether it’s a sale of the team by owner Mark Davis or the acquisition of a partner with the acumen to make the team viable in an L.A. market that would have, if the Raiders make the move, two NFL clubs, two MLB teams, two NHL teams, and two NBA teams, the NFL would want to see a bolstering of the overall business before it would move to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, some owners believe that Oakland is becoming a more viable market, with the overall economic trend becoming more favorable -- and plenty of candidates available to make the investment necessary to build a new stadium. Indeed, some of the current partners in the fairly complex ownership structure of the Raiders may be able to get more involved in the private financing of a new stadium in Oakland.

It could mean that, ultimately, both the Chargers and Rams share a stadium in L.A. Or that only one team, the Chargers or the Rams, go to L.A. Either way, the current thinking among the owners is that the Raiders won’t be moving to Los Angeles without dramatic changes to the way the team does business.