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Rams have until tomorrow at 4 ET to get under the salary cap

Chris Simms and Ahmed Fareed take a look at every team in the NFC North and discuss whether they will be over or under on their projected win totals.

The Rams have a problem. It easily can be solved, but it’s still a problem.

The Rams are currently $400,000 over the salary cap. They have until 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday to get under the cap.

The “or else” is irrelevant; they’ll do it. It won’t take much elbow grease to create $400,000 in cap space. It’s noteworthy because it’s so rare that a team actually finds itself in the red on the cap.

A contract extension with cornerback Jalen Ramsey would be the easiest way to create the cap space. He currently has a cap number of $13.7 million. A new deal easily could be engineered to drop that figure for 2020.

Whatever the Rams do, they won’t have much cap space left in 2020. Which means they won’t have much to carry over to 2021, when the cap could be as low as $175 million due to the pandemic.

Next year, by the way, the Jared Goff cap number becomes $34.625 million.