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Roger Goodell might eventually regret his “other players like turf” comment

Earlier this week, the Commissioner tried to turn the question of grass vs. turf among players into a subject of fair debate. He might soon regret it.

Whether they’re doing it intentionally or not, players will be chiming in publicly on their preferences. Most notably, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has made it clear that he prefers the surface that his team’s owner will only provide to soccer players.

“Yeah, I’m 100 percent a grass guy. . . . My [broken ankle from 2020] plays a huge part in that,” Prescott said. “How physical this game is, the way guys are getting tackled, it’s a whole lot safer, in my opinion, on grass than turf.”

Others have expressed a preference for grass, including Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

They’re not alone. Odell Beckham Jr. tweeted it last year. David Bakhtiari let it be known after Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles tendon on Monday night.

But Goodell has nevertheless framed it as a real debate among players. Even if there isn’t one.

You have other players who like playing on the turf field, because it’s faster,” Goodell said. “So you’ve got mixed opinions.”

No, you don’t. You’ve got a predominant if not universal opinion from players — current players, not former players who currently take a paycheck from a team — that grass is better.

There was, and still is, a true difference of opinion among players regarding short-week football. Some hate it. Some like it. Those who hate it prefer more time for the body to recover between games. Those who like it embrace a reduced week of practice intensity and a mini-bye on the back end.

On the issue of the playing surface, there is no such split. Players want to play on grass.

Plenty of players will be available to reporters today. Every player should be asked, “Grass or turf?” That will be the only way to quiet the notion that there are mixed opinions or that reasonable minds may differ.