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Rugby star turned Bills hopeful thinks he’s making progress toward the roster

The Buffalo Bills are excited for the opportunity to practice in the heat this summer with the Carolina Panthers, something that Simms and Florio say is a good move to get acclimated for early-season road games.

Christian Wade, an English rugby player assigned to the Bills’ offseason roster as part of the NFL’s international development roster, believes he has a real chance of making the team when the season starts.

Wade told AFP that he is getting the hang of figuring out the playbook and has a far better idea of what a running back’s responsibilities are in the Bills’ offense than he did a couple months ago.

“I’ve definitely come a long way,” Wade said. “I remember we had seven plays to learn by the end of the week. Now I’m learning 60 plus plays in a day. I’m going in the right direction.”

Wade said he feels like he can hold his own athletically, as long as he learns the new language of American football.

“The playbook for me has been my main focus. I’ve been like this is the only thing that is going to stop me playing this game,” he said. “I definitely focus all my energies on it. To be honest it’s probably been one of the easier things to pick up because of all that energy and motivation I put into it.”

Realistically, Wade is a long shot to make the team, but the teams participating in the international development program can make that international player the 11th man on the practice squad. That gives Wade a good chance to spend a full year in Buffalo, and perhaps make the roster in 2020.