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Russell Wilson on whether he’s available in trade: “That’s a Seahawks question”

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson talks with Dan Patrick about how much influence a QB should have on personnel decisions, his future in Seattle and more.

Sixteen days ago, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lit a fuse that, two days later, he scrambled (sort of) to extinguish. On Tuesday morning, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson took a match to a similar pyrotechnic initiating device.

Asked by Dan Patrick whether he’s available in trade, Wilson said this: “I’m not sure if I’m available or not. That’s a Seahawks question.”

At some point, it’s also a Russell Wilson question, because he has a no-trade clause. Still, before that question becomes relevant, the Seahawks have to be willing to move him. For now, that looks unlikely.

Wilson nevertheless believes that the phone has been ringing.

“I definitely believe they’ve gotten calls,” Wilson said regarding potential trade inquiries. “Any time you’re a player that tries to produce every week and has done it consistently, I think people are gonna call for sure. I think that’s part of the process.”

Another part of the process is winning. Wilson wants to do more of it.

“At the end of the day, you want to win,” Wilson said. “You play this game every day to wake up to win. You play this game to be the best in the world. You know what I hate? I hate sitting there watching other guys play the game.”

Wilson presumably prefers to win where he is. If he can’t and/or if the Seahawks won’t do enough to try, Wilson may eventually want to go somewhere else. Somewhere where his opinions on matters like personnel will be heeded.

Like in Tampa, where one of the guys he watched play the game on Sunday won the Super Bowl.