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Sanchez arrival doesn’t end potential pursuit of Kaepernick

Mark Sanchez


Yes, the Broncos have acquired quarterback Mark Sanchez from the Eagles. No, it doesn’t mean the process is over.

However, as one source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT, it does mean that chatter of an imminent trade for quarterback Colin Kaepernick (or other moves) should die down.

The source says that much of the talk, especially rumors and speculation of a quick deal for Kaepernick, was off the mark from the get-go. It’s unclear why incorrect information about Denver’s motivations was emerging. It’s possible that, for example, the 49ers were leaking it in order to generate a trade market for Kaepernick. It’s also possible that, for example, a coach or G.M. from the Browns or Jets (or another team) who wants to acquire Kaepernick was trying to create a sense of urgency in order to spur action by his team.

For now, it’s clear that the Broncos aren’t necessarily done. The team has announced that conditional late-round 2017 draft pick was sent to Philadelphia for Sanchez. One source tells PFT that the formula hinges on Sanchez making the 53-man roster in Denver, and that the pick could increase based on playing time.

As a practical matter, the move allows the Broncos (and, perhaps more importantly, the fans and media) to calm down. With Sanchez on board, the Broncos can move forward into the offseason program with him, Trevor Siemian, and anyone else they acquire via free agency or the draft.

At some point, they could add Kaepernick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or another starting-caliber player. For now, acquiring Sanchez allows the Broncos (and, perhaps more importantly, the fans and media) to refrain from declaring an emergency and breaking glass.