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With the Jets now making it known that Bill Cowher won’t be the next head coach of the team, a league source predicts that the next target could be former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan. Why? Because the Jets are desperate to sell PSLs for their new stadium. The first step was trading for Brett Favre. The second step was supposed to be qualifying for the playoffs. With no postseason appearance, the second step is hiring a coach with a name that has the same sizzle as Favre. With Cowher out of the picture and Shanahan falling out of the sky in the same manner that Favre did nearly five months ago, the next target could be Shanahan. And, actually, it could be a really good move. We’ve long said that Shanahan is a very good coach, given that he did so well with the underchieving talent that Shanahan the de facto G.M. had compiled. So stay tuned. If Shanahan is willing not to insist on final say over personnel and if the price is right, Shanahan could be the right “fit” for the franchise. Primarily since the two-time Super Bowl winner (hey, that’s one more than Cowher) would help “fit” more fannies into those PSLs.