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Teams can have plenty of pre-draft communication with prospects

Chris Simms defends his decision to rank Tua Tagovailoa as his No. 4 QB in this year's NFL draft while putting Justin Herbert at No. 2.

Although Pro Day workouts and private workouts and visits to team facilities can’t happen prior to the 2020 draft, teams can still spend plenty of time talking to prospects.

According to the NFL, teams may contact an unlimited number of incoming rookies up to three times per week, for up to one hour at a time. The communications may be in the form of phone calls or videoconferences, and the only requirement is that the not conflict with a player’s school work.

Given that most players are no longer in school and given that most schools have switched to online learning, few if any communications would potentially conflict with classwork.

While hardly a perfect replacement for meeting players in person, a lot can be learned by talking to them for up to three hours per week in advance of the draft -- including whether and to what extent they are reliable or punctual when the time comes to make or receive a phone call.