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Ted Wells will attend Brady appeal hearing

Ted Wells probably will be getting upset again this week.

Per multiple reports, Wells will attend the Tuesday hearing in Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s appeal. Which means that Wells undoubtedly will be testifying at the hearing -- because lawyer Jeffrey Kessler undoubtedly will want to grill Wells on his investigation and analysis of the #DeflateGate scandal.

It’s currently unknown who else will be testifying. Kessler may want to scrutinize the efforts of Exponent, the outside firm hired to provide scientific analysis of the air pressure inside the footballs used by the Patriots and Colts during the AFC championship game. He could do that by questioning Wells, or by grilling one or more employees of Exponent.

Kessler also could introduce evidence from his own expert witness(es), who would poke holes in the efforts by Exponent and, in turn, Wells to find that the physical evidence leads to a conclusion that tampering necessarily occurred.

Even if the science is fully debunked, questions remain regarding the text messages exchanged by John Jastremski and Jim McNally. But Wells and his team of high-priced lawyers failed to secure a confession from either guy. Kessler and his team of high-priced lawyers undoubtedly will focus on that fact, among plenty of others, starting on Tuesday and continuing, if necessary, on Thursday.

And Ted Wells, whose displeasure with public criticism of his work resulted in one spirited conference call with the media and (per a league source) multiple calls to the league office pleading for stronger efforts to respond to those throwing darts at his work, likely will emerge from the process feeling angrier than ever.