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The Colts only need 10 games to break right to make playoffs

This image released by Universal Studios shows Jim Carrey, left, and Jeff Daniels in character as Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne, respectively, on the set of “Dumb and Dumber To,” in Atlanta. The pair have reunited for the sequel to the 1994 film “Dumb & Dumber,” which is expected in theaters in 2014. (AP Photo/Universal Studios, Hopper Stone)


The Colts still have chance.

Now, it may not be a big one, and it may evaporate in about 14 hours, but at the moment, they still have a chance.

Via Nat Newell of the Indianapolis Star, the Colts need a specific list of 10 games to break a certain way for them to go to the postseason.

To get the bad news out of the way first, they’re eliminated if the Bengals beat the Broncos tonight.

But because we’re in a good mood and feeling all glass half-full, here’s the things the Colts need to happen to make the playoffs . . .

The Broncos beating the Bengals tonight,

and then next week

The Colts beat the Titans,

The Jaguars beat the Texans,

The Falcons beat the Saints,

The Dolphins beat the Patriots,

The Broncos beat the Chargers,

The Ravens beat the Bengals,

The Bills beat the Jets,

The Raiders beat the Chiefs,

The Steelers beat the Browns.

That’s it, just 10 results. It could happen. It’s not much of a chance, and it might take a Lloyd Christmas miracle.

But it’s a chance, which is more than some teams have going into Week 17.