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Tom Brady still has critics on his radar

The social media world reacts to Tom Brady's #9 ranking on Chris Simms' QB list, plus the two discuss Odell Beckham's comments about his time in New York and Cam Newton's failed negotiation tactics on a 10-hour flight.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady still has a good arm — along with rabbit ears.

Via, Brady posted an image on Instagram yesterday of a radar gun showing 61 mph, an apparent measurement of a ball he threw.

It also carried a reference to a “cliff,” harkening back to a 2016 perceived insult from an ESPN talk-show host who said he was about to fall off one, which Brady clearly hasn’t forgotten.

Without knowing anything about the conditions of the throw or what he was throwing, it is sufficient to say Brady’s arm is still in good shape (Source: My two eyes).

If you went by that radar gun number alone, it would rank him among the strongest arms in the league. Since velocity has been tracked at the Scouting Combine beginning in 2008, only Josh Allen (62 mph) has registered a bigger number.

That strength is nearly as impressive as Brady’s endurance, as he continues to carry a grudge around for years.