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Tony Romo sounds as if he has decided who he will broadcast for in 2020

Other than the beginning of his career, when he entered the league as an undrafted free agent, and the end of his career, when the Cowboys cut him, Tony Romo never truly was a free agent in the NFL. He isn’t really one now either in the broadcasting world, with CBS holding the right of first refusal.

But, with his contract expired, the former quarterback is free talk to other networks.

“Right now, obviously we’re in that free agent-kind-of-position, but in my brain, it’s one of those things where you talk to your wife, the people that know you at your core,” Romo said Tuesday on 97.1 The Eagle. “You just have to figure out what’s important, and try and make the best decision possible. I mean, obviously I’m trying to say it the right way here, but I do feel like there is no perfect answer. It’s just a matter of me going through it, and I’ve never been through this in the broadcasting world. It’s just something I’m basically learning.

“It reminds me a lot when I was in year two with the Dallas Cowboys. I had no idea how to negotiate with Jerry Jones. It’s like, I just want to play. You don’t really know any better. I feel like this thing won’t be that. . . All I want is like an obvious answer, right? You just want something to be very straight-forward.”

With CBS ultimately holding the final card, and Romo having become among the best in the business as an analyst, it would rank as a major surprise if Romo doesn’t end up back beside Jim Nantz on CBS’ No. 1 broadcast team in the fall. Romo could command an eight-figure annual offer.

“I think I’m already there a little bit, but we’ll see how it plays it, even though I think I already know, but I’m just not telling you guys,” Romo said, laughing.