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Updated cap numbers, as of Monday


Even though the season has begun and all big-money free agents have been signed, teams can still use their remaining salary cap money on players whose contracts will be expiring next year or thereafter.

Thus, it remains important to keep an eye on how much cash teams can still spend.

For teams close to the limit, the question becomes whether enough money will be available if a current starter is injured, and needs to be replaced.

The full list of cap numbers as of Monday appears after the break.Jaguars $35.4 million.

Chiefs $27.6 million.

Bucs $27.2 million.

Broncos $25.4 million.

Bills $22.7 million.

Seahawks $20.5 million.

Cowboys $18.6 million.

Bears $18.1 million.

Bengals $17.5 million.

49ers $17.5 million.

Redskins $13.6 million.

Browns $12.8 million.

Dolphins $10.7 million.

Jets $8.6 million.

Titans $8.4 million.

Patriots $8.3 million.

Packers $7.5 million.

Cardinals $7.2 million.

Ravens $7.1 million.

Raiders $6.1 million.

Rams $6.0 million.

Eagles $5.8 million.

Colts $5.4 million.

Vikings $4.5 million.

Chargers $4.3 million.

Saints $4.2 million.

Lions $2.9 million.

Texans $2.4 million.

Falcons $2.3 million.

Panthers $2.3 million.

Steelers $750,000.

Giants $70,000.