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Washington’s decision to bring in four top quarterbacks at once makes no sense

It was comical, to say the least, to see some in the media twist themselves into knots to praise the Commanders for bringing four top quarterback prospects in for a visit on the same day.

From my perspective, it makes no sense.

What’s the point in having Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, J.J. McCarthy, and Michael Penix in the building on the same day? The only argument we’ve seen is that they want to see how the four will interact.

Why? Who cares? When will the four of them ever be together again?

It might be an interesting sociological experiment, but it squanders the opportunity to get to know each player individually.

Our guess is that owner Josh Harris wanted to be present for the visits, and that they were lined up on a day when he was available. That’s just a guess. I wouldn’t expect the Commanders to admit that, because to admit that would be to acknowledge that Harris has a significant voice in the final decision the Commanders make.

News flash: He does.

He already sat in on the meetings with quarterbacks at the Scouting Combine. This is a major decision, and he fully intends to participate in the making of it. But also to be able to plausibly say his football people made the decision.

It’s not a criticism. It’s an effort to make sense of the nonsensical. If the reason for bringing all four of them in on the same day isn’t that Harris wanted to carve out one day to meet with all of them, there’s no reason to do it this way.