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Watching Michael Huff in practice made Warren Sapp want to vomit

Tim Tebow

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow (15) breaks away from Oakland Raiders safety Michael Huff (24) to score a touchdown in the first quarter of an NFL football game in Oakland, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)


Raiders safety Michael Huff was mostly seen as a disappointment for the first four years of his career. The Raiders told Huff he was on the roster bubble as recently as 2009, but Huff’s play improved dramatically in 2010 in a contract year.

Former Raiders captain Warren Sapp remembers Huff well from early in his career.

“Michael Huff leaves something to be desired,” Sapp said on KESN-FM via the Dallas Morning News. “I watched Huff for two years, not pick a pass off in practice. I seen him make a couple plays, lately. I’d really be interested to see his tape and watch his last couple of years because his first two make you want to throw up watching him practice.”

Sapp said that Huff was often the last to practice and the first to leave.

“I went so far with Michael Huff, and you can ask him this, that my last day in Oakland, I waited in the parking lot for Michael Huff,” Sapp recalled. “I waited in the parking lot because I wanted to talk to the young man because he made me want to throw up watching him practice. I mean, the scout team would complete ball, after ball, after ball. I’m like, ‘You’re not going to make one play? I mean, you’re not even going to put your hand on it and knock it down?’”

Huff is probably going to strike it rich this offseason. Perhaps he’s matured. But Sapp’s words make you wonder if Huff only grew up because free agency was around the corner.