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Week 16 power rankings

The Cardinals' Steve Wilks, Jets' Todd Bowles and Broncos' Vance Joseph are some of the coaches that are in most danger of losing their jobs after the season.

1. Saints (12-2; last week No. 2): With two home games to end the season and the No. 1 seed in reach, the Saints probably can put the suitcases away until it’s time to go to Atlanta.

2. Chargers (11-3; No. 4): There’s a new new sheriff in town.

3. Chiefs (11-3; No. 1): Nope, come January no one will be mentioning that the Chiefs haven’t won a home playoff game since Joe Montana was the quarterback.

4. Bears (10-4; No. 6): With the Rams slumping, the No. 2 seed remains a possibility.

5. Rams (11-3; No. 3): Maybe the right answer to Jared Goff vs. Carson Wentz is “Nick Foles.”

6. Texans (10-4; No. 8): The franchise’s first-ever bye is inching closer and closer.

7. Steelers (8-5-1; No. 13): This year, there’s a chance the seemingly inevitable postseason rematch with the Patriots comes in the wild-card round.

8. Patriots (9-5; No. 5): Write them off, and then they rebound. Will they be able to do it this time?

9. Ravens (8-6; No. 10): A team that could run the table is still scratching and clawing for a seat there.

10. Colts (8-6; No. 12): A team that could run the table is still scratching and clawing for a seat there.

11. Titans (8-6; No. 11): A team that could run the table is still scratching and clawing for a seat there.

12. Cowboys (8-6; No. 7): The problem with “must” win games is that it’s hard to get motivated when the team finally finds itself in one that isn’t.

13. Seahawks (8-6; No. 9): Sunday’s loss to the 49ers makes Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs even bigger.

14. Vikings (7-6-1; No. 15): The planets don’t line up often for the Vikings, but when they do it’s memorable.

15. Eagles (7-7; No. 16): Break out the dog masks and grease the light poles, Philly.

16. Browns (6-7-1; No. 18): However the rest of the seasons turn out, Browns fans should be thrilled for what’s to come.

17. Broncos (6-8; No. 17): They’re now one loss away from consecutive losing seasons for the first time since 1971-72.

18. Washington (7-7; No. 23): The future starter for the AAF’s San Diego Fleet beat a team that should be in the AAF.

19. Dolphins (7-7; No. 14): Whatever changes may come in Miami, it’s likely time for a new quarterback.

20. Panthers (6-8; No. 20): The Panthers are going to have to make some short-term and long-term decisions about Cam Newton.

21. Packers (5-8-1; No. 19): Right after the Packers made Aaron Rodgers the highest-paid player in NFL history, he stopped playing like it.

22. Giants (5-9; No. 21): The Giants will continue to be stuck in a bizarre state of limbo until they get their next quarterback.

23. Bills (5-9; No. 26): Josh Allen would be a candidate for offensive rookie of the year, if anyone were paying attention.

24. Lions (5-9; No. 22): Former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia can help the team that beat the Pats in the Super Bowl get back to the playoffs by beating the Vikings.

25. Bengals (6-8; No. 27): It’s still better than losing in the wild-card round.

26. 49ers (4-10; No. 28): Will they re-take the division in 2019?

27. Buccaneers (5-9; No. 24): Will they re-take the division, ever?

28. Falcons (5-9; No. 31): At least they won’t get tantalizingly close to playing in the Super Bowl they’ll be hosting.

29. Jets (4-10; No. 25): Sam Darnold looks the part, which is all the Jets can really hope for.

30. Raiders (3-11; No. 29): They’ll be leaving Oakland with a whimper not a bang.

31. Jaguars (4-10; No. 30): It may be easier to list who won’t be fired than who will be fired once this debacle of a season ends.

32. Cardinals (3-11; No. 32): Seeing how hard Larry Fitzgerald plays despite being on such a bad team is one of his most impressive career accomplishments.