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Week Five power rankings

According to a report, Le'Veon Bell will return to the Steelers during the team's bye week, but it might not be a smooth return for the star RB.

1. Rams (4-0; last week No. 1): The Greatest Show-Offs on Turf, Part II.

2. Chiefs (4-0; No. 2): It may not happen this year, but Andy Reid will get his Super Bowl win with Patrick Mahomes.

3. Saints (3-1; No. 4): Before the Rams and Chiefs square off in a possible Super Bowl preview, the Rams and Saints will get together in the Superdome for a game that could be just as good.

4. Ravens (3-1; No. 10): In a league with plenty of offense, the Ravens are still playing defense. Especially in the second half, when they’ve allowed nine points all year.

5. Jaguars (3-1; No. 9): Doug Marrone may never “go for two” again, unless he has an itch in one very specific area of his anatomy.

6. Patriots (2-2; No. 14): In New England, two straight ugly losses is the new ugly loss.

7. Eagles (2-2; No. 3): When the Vikings return to Philly this weekend, the loser will match its total losses from 2017.

8. Bengals (3-1; No. 15): Vontaze Burfict is back from his latest suspension in advance of his inevitable next suspension. Until then, the Bengals need to ride him to as many wins as they can.

9. Packers (2-1-1; No. 13): Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy seem to be playing their own separate game. It’s called, “Let’s see how uncomfortable we can make our fans.” And they’re both winning.

10. Dolphins (3-1; No. 5): “Technically, we’re in the south. So maybe we should be moved to the AFC South?”

11. Panthers (2-1; No. 11): The NFL needs more David Teppers.

12. Bears (3-1; No. 17): When do they shoot the video for the Super Bowl Shuffle remake?

13. Titans (3-1; No. 18): Plenty of owners will be wishing they’d hired Mike Vrabel when they had the chance.

14. Buccaneers (2-2; No. 6): Annnnnd Dirk Koetter once again is the favorite in the “first coach to be fired” prop bet.

15. Chargers (2-2; No. 16): Maybe the term “Visitors” officially should be changed to “Chargers.”

16. Falcons (1-3; No. 7): Great offense + bad defense = 8-8.

17. Vikings (1-2-1; No. 12): Mike Zimmer wants to improve his pass defense. Step one: Don’t put a linebacker on a receiver.

18. Seahawks (2-2; No. 19): We’ll know a lot more about this team after Sunday, when they get a chance to stay within 20 points of the Rams.

19. Steelers (1-2-1; No. 8): With the Falcons coming to town, it may be time to add a third digit to the scoreboard at Heinz Field.

20. Washington (2-1; No. 20): The NFC East is theirs for the taking, if they can find a way to become more consistent.

21. Broncos (2-2; No. 21): Case Keenum missed a wide-open Demaryius Thomas for a potential game-winning touchdown. John Elway surely is wondering whether Chad Kelly would have made that throw.

22. Cowboys (2-2; No. 28): The Cowboys finally have found a No. 1 receiver. His name is Ezekiel Elliott.

23. Browns (1-2-1; No. 23): The Browns need to learn how to win and/or how to not lose.

24. Lions (1-3; No. 22): Chris Berman would call him Kerryon “My Wayward Son” Johnson. (Which may be one of the reasons why Chris Berman is gone.)

25. Bills (1-3; No. 24): They did much better in Wisconsin when they went there accidentally.

26. Texans (1-3; No. 30): Deshaun Watson is back. Will it make a difference?

27. 49ers (1-3; No. 25): Maybe there’s hope, post-Garoppolo.

28. Colts (1-3; No. 26): After playing 70 minutes on a Sunday, the Colts definitely won’t be hanging any banners after a Thursday night game in New England.

29. Raiders (1-3; No. 31): Jon Gruden won a football game with a basketball score on a baseball diamond.

30. Giants (1-3; No. 27): What will they do with the second straight second overall pick?

31. Jets (1-3; No. 29): They’ll always have Week One.

32. Cardinals (0-4; No. 32): If Josh Rosen keeps playing like he did on Sunday, they won’t stay in this spot much longer.