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What’s the best fit for OBJ, if/when he’s traded?

Odell Beckham Jr. will have a long line of teams wanting to trade for him but the Patriots, 49ers and Packers may make the most sense.

With the Giants reportedly applying a price tag to a potential Odell Beckham trade and with Beckham reportedly interested in being traded (to the Rams, maybe elsewhere), momentum continues to build toward a deal being done.

So if a deal is done, which team would be the best team to make that deal?

Chris Simms and yours truly discussed the subject during Thursday’s PFT Live, with a three-round draft aimed at finding the right fit. The results show that I made the right choices, and that Simms, while making an admirable effort, was way, way off.

Check out the video, and drop your own thoughts in the comments.