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American flag replaced in odd display of Canadian hockey pride

While I don’t consider myself an insane patriot by any means, I appreciate gestures made in the name of one’s own country. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that people can go far ... way, way too far. Check out this strange story from the Associated Press, detailing some Canadian tomfoolery.

Authorities say two native Canadians will be charged with burying a U.S. flag flown in the California desert to honor 9/11 victims and replacing it with Canada’s flag to celebrate an Olympic hockey victory.

Riverside County district attorney’s spokesman John Hall said Friday that 25-year-old Ryan Smith of Bermuda Dunes and 26-year-old Matt Seifert of Palm Desert will be charged with misdemeanor vandalism and flag desecration.

Whether you consider the flag an important symbol or not, my general rule is to be safe rather than sorry. Doing something like this is about as tasteful as marring a Nativity scene on Christmas. What’s the point?

The two guilty parties are in their mid-20s so it’s not like you can give them too much rope for being young dumb kids. I mean, sure, I was guilty of the occasional moment of rapscallion behavior in high school, but messing with a 9/11 memorial? Not cool, Canadians dudes. Not cool.