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Controversial columnist plays controversial race card after Tim Thomas controversy

Tim Thomas

Good ol’ dependable Jack Todd. You knew somebody had to do it, and Todd was as likely a candidate as any. Yep, the Montreal Gazette’s plucky columnist finally did today what’s only been hinted at by those in media (and it was just a joke!) after Boston goalie Tim Thomas skipped a team visit to the White House last week – he played the race card.

Look, if this cretin wants to stand outside the White House and spew his drivel, that’s free speech. But standing up the president? All that does is show that Thomas has the class of a swamp-rat.

What’s worse, you know Thomas would not have done this with the liberal Democrat Bill Clinton in the White House. Truth is, he felt free to dis Barack Obama, because Obama is black.

Now, normally we’d frown upon ostensibly calling someone a racist without providing any supporting evidence, other than the fact the guy whose policies he was protesting is black. But in fairness to Todd, people rarely disagree when it comes to politics, so we can see why he was suspicious.