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Duncan Keith’s hit was “nasty,” according to BC premier

Christy Clark

British Columbia politicians have put aside their partisan bickering and come out vehemently against Duncan Keith’s headshot on Daniel Sedin.

In a related story, they’re also against murder, and they don’t care if it’s an unpopular opinion.

“I think [the hit] was nasty. I’m confident the NHL is going to make the right decision, and I think Duncan Keith should face some pretty serious consequences,” BC premier Christy Clark (pictured) said Thursday, as per The Province.

“If the NHL doesn’t enforce tough rules against those kinds of unfair hits, they are sending absolutely the wrong message.”

Meanwhile, opposition party candidate Joe Trasolini said, “I saw the hit and I don’t like it. Unfortunately, the NHL is going to an area where good players are being targeted. The skills are what the game is all about and those types of hits to the head are not something I personally like.”

For voters, it presents an interesting quandary. If both sides are against Keith elbowing Sedin in the head, then how does one differentiate between the two?

Many pundits believe future B.C. elections will be determined by the all-important “Who should start in goal for the Canucks?” question.