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Leafs coach Ron Wilson to speak with Tomas Kaberle about “problems”

Ron Wilson

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Ron Wilson reacts as he watches his team trail the Carolina Hurricanes 4-0 late in the second period of an NHL game in Toronto on Tuesday, March 2, 2010. (AP Photo/The Canadian Press, Chris Young)


In case you missed it, Tomas Kaberle’s father, Frantisek, created a bit of a dust-up recently by stating that Tomas struggled playing under Leafs head coach Ron Wilson. While the subsequent talk of apparent translation stealing dominated the coverage, it covered up the main story at hand that Kaberle may or may not have a problem with the head coach of his team. Adam Proteau from The Hockey News decided to investigate a bit and find out what Ron Wilson will do about all this.

“All this has come from out in left field and until I sit down and talk about this with Kaba, there’s no point in commenting any further,” Wilson told Tuesday. “People are quoted in a foreign magazine - and this isn’t the first time something like this has come up. If Kaba wants to come and talk to me about some of this stuff, that’s the best way for us to address any of the issues he thinks he has.”

“Even last year, there was this perceived rumor with Kaba and I sat down with Kaba and he said ‘this isn’t true’,” Wilson said. “We’ll address it when we have a chance to sit down and face each other eye-to-eye and I’m sure (Leafs president-GM) Brian (Burke) will be a part of the conversation as well. That’s the best way to handle it.”

Players having issues with coaches is nothing really all that new and whether or not Kaberle, Kaba if you will, has an actual problem with Wilson or if he was just venting the frustration over losing so often to his father is really unknown. Of course, this kind of drama makes for great off-season discussion, especially after the Leafs didn’t trade Kaberle while they had the opportunity.

If there really is discord here between Wilson and Kaberle, don’t expect the chatter about him being traded to die down at all throughout the year, no-trade clause or not..