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Video: Alex Ovechkin and a Habs kid

[Update: I’ve updated the headline, since a number of our readers feel I was just grasping for a story that’s not there. We’re not grasping for anything, or trying to make anything more of what it is. It’s an interesting moment, to us, before the Capitals and Canadiens game where Ovechkin likely inadvertently sprayed one of the kids the Habs has on the ice before each game. Most likely, I will never mention this again. Did Carey Price have a bad moment himself for the Habs tonight, that actually affected the game? Yes, he did and we talked about it earlier tonight and will certainly cover it tomorrow.]

I’m just going to leave this out there for you guys. Personally, I don’t think Ovechkin did it on purpose but he certainly wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing as he came to a stop. Your thoughts?