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Video: Jeremy Roenick goes ‘Off Script’ on his NHL career

Jeremy Roenick's historic career also came with struggles as he tried to maintain his lifestyle while playing in the NHL.

Jeremy Roenick went “Off Script” with Kathryn Tappen on NBCSN on Monday, resulting in the former NHL providing insight on a variety of topics.

Roenick’s been a dream fit for the studio in many ways, but a more free-flowing conversation is an even better fit for a player who once traded barbs with Patrick Roy ... and plenty of other players and coaches.

Speaking of his interactions with coaches, Roenick said that he has some regrets for how he interacted with Darryl Sutter:

It’s no secret that Roenick believes that “Iron” Mike Keenan helped to mold his rugged game, making him more than just a potent scorer. You can hear him discuss how that fear factor impacted JR in this clip.

There was rarely a dull moment in Roenick’s playing career, so it makes sense that he was such an engaging guest on “Off Script.”