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American Century Championship

Friday, July 8, 2022

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA

Edgewood Tahoe

Jake Owen

Quick Quotes

Q. 16 points. We talked this summer how excited you were about coming here to make your debut. Tell me about the overall experience of playing your first American Century Championship.

JAKE OWEN: Well, it exceeded my expectations. Everybody told me how much fun this place is. And they were absolutely 150 percent correct. I’ve had a blast today. The golf course, everybody here has this place in pure, pristine condition. The guys all here, and girls, we had a blast last night with the concert. And the weather’s perfect. The fans are out here supporting it. So I honestly don’t know how it could be any better. I really don’t.

Q. Let’s talk about your round today. So 16 points. Are you satisfied with the round today? Are there things that you can want to improve on for tomorrow?

JAKE OWEN: I mean, there’s always room for improvement. But I like the fact that I’m sneaking in there the middle of the pack right now, because I’m not a professional golfer. But I got around this golf course pretty well. I had an opportunity to make birdies, some I did, some I didn’t. I’m a competitor at heart. As are all these guys out here, they’re athletes, most of them. And it makes me fired up to know that I have a chance to come out here and compete against some of the best guys in golf when it comes to kind of the celebrity side of things and sports.

So I can assure you one thing, I feel okay with where I am, but I’m coming in firing the next couple of days.

Q. You played with a group that’s -- you had a past championship in your group, Mardy Fish, did you all push each other?

JAKE OWEN: Yes, we did push each other. Mardy, we all -- Mike put the ball in the right places today and was like a surgeon around the golf course. And I learned a lot watching him. Whereas, there were a few holes Mardy and I hit drivers on, which hindsight I wouldn’t do that again. And we had a good time. Mardy and I played golf since we were five years old together. It was good to play with him. And maybe we’ll play tomorrow when they do the pairings.