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Lunchtime distraction: Of La Liga conspiracies and hissy fits

Hissy fit

This is slightly dated, but who cares? It’s a hoot. It’s from the sharpies over at Kickette, who take a slightly different look at the chiseled and high-cheeked stars of the world’s game.

There really are some handsome blokes in the global game, no?

It’s all about Barcelona and ongoing perceptions that men in high places are conspiring to ensure Real Madrid’s march down La Liga Championship Lane. These perceptions are either conspiratorial nonsense or obvious as Leo Messi’s preternatural scoring prowess, depending on whether you lean north or south in your Spanish football proclivities.

Anyway, the funny is here. Scroll down on the link, because the comments are amusing. More explanation over the whole thing is here at, including the term “hissy fit.” (Whenever I see that in a headline, I simply cannot resist.)

You’re welcome.