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Premier League tiebreaker rules 2024: Goal difference, head-to-head record, how it works

The Premier League tiebreaker rules will be needed on the final day of the 2023-24 season as Championship Sunday promises to be a wild day of permutations.

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With the title, European spots and one relegation spot (technically) still to be figured out, there is a lot going on.

Below are all the details you need when it comes to tiebreaker rules.

What are the Premier League tiebreaker rules? How are things decided after goal difference?

Each position in the Premier League table is decided by the following tiebreakers if teams finish on the same number of points:

  • Goal difference
  • Goals scored
  • Team who collected most points in head-to-head record
  • Who scored the most away goals in head-to-head

If teams cannot be separated by the above criteria and they are fighting for the title, European spots or relegation, a one-off play-off game at a neutral ground will be scheduled to decide who finishes higher.

How does the Premier League head-to-head tiebreaker work?

The team who collected the most points in head-to-head games will finish higher. If teams are level after that the team who scored the most away goals in head-to-head games will finish higher. If teams are level after that then a one-off playoff game will be needed.

Has Premier League title ever been decided by goal difference?

Yes. Once. The famous 2011-12 season, when Sergio Aguero scored a winner on the final day of the season for Manchester City in the 94th minute against QPR, was the only time the title has been decided on goal difference. Manchester City and Manchester United both finished the season on 89 points but City had a goal difference of +64 and United were on +56.