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Soccer fan who punched horse gets 12 months in jail


Remember the drunk dude who punched a horse following Sunderland’s 3-0 victory in last spring’s Tyne-Wear derby?

Yep, he’s going to prison. For 12 long months.

The man’s name is Barry Rogerson and, unsurprisingly, he had a few too many shandys back on April 14th. So, in his drunken rage he naturally decided to pick on a horse because well, Barry was excelling at being a drunk idiot.

Barry began by clapping his hands in the face of the horse (named Bud) before winding up and punching him square in the face. Being a tough thoroughbred, Bud didn’t fall over or buck. He just took it.

Barry’s mistake was not only in punching the equine, however, it was punching the equine while he was being ridden by a police officer. Which, as you can imagine, made it a pretty easy arrest for the West Yorkshire Police to make.

When Barry tried to explain that he’d had too much to drink and was fired up after yet another exciting installment of the Tyne-Wear derby (Sunderland v. Newcastle), Judge Paul Sloan showed no sympathy, sentencing him to 12 months in prison for violent disorder and banning him from attending any soccer matches in the U.K. for six years.

Good on ya, Judge Sloan!

In semi-awkward yet related news, the Tyne-Wear derby returns this Sunday at 9:30am ET on NBCSN. You can’t make this stuff up.

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