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The French national team’s plane

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 10.17.17 PM


Everybody knows when someone gets a tattoo of someone else’s face, it has serious potential to go horribly wrong and look terribly creepy.

Apparently, the same goes for airplane art.

The French national team announces its presence when flying into an airport, with a flashy plane that boasts plenty of blue for Les Bleus as well as the images of a number of the team’s star players.

The text came out nicely, as the plane reads “Equipe de France Football” across the top along with “Bleus” and a nice combination of blue and white.

Unfortunately, the faces didn’t exactly come out perfectly, and as a result, intimidating stares and menacing game faces turned into creepy mug shots and disturbing stares.

One can make out the images of Franck Ribery near the wing, with his head somewhat distorted, as well as Karim Benzema with a distorted stare, and a really scary image of Mamadou Sakho yelling, a faint yet large portrait of Raphael Varane looking deep into your soul, and topped off with Yohan Cabaye towards the front looking - if nothing else - very confused.

Hopefully the squad doesn’t play as distorted as they appear, or their time in Brazil will be shorter than anticipated. Didier Deschamps hopefully will ask for a new coat of paint.

Here’s a good look at the plane, courtesy of French newspaper L’Equipe:


You can click the link above for a larger version of the video to get a better look at the faces.

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