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Washington Post report erases all doubt: Eddie Johnson’s days in Seattle are done

Eddie Johnson celebrates 2

No secret that Eddie Johnson’s days seemed numbered in Seattle. The “pay me” stunt in Seattle, the short and mysterious post-season estrangement from the team, a few things that went on that never quite made it to public ears and … well, pretty soon the stack of foibles gets too much to manage.

Still, you never know about these things. Nothing is done until it’s done.

Friday, when Kenny Cooper arrived into CenturyLink via trade, it seemed like a serious fait accompli. Cooper works adequately as a starter or he can add support to the strike brigade for the busy times around CenturyLink, or when Clint Dempsey is away for a big stretch of the summer for World Cup.

And if that wasn’t enough … there’s this little grenade from Steven Goff at the Washington Post arrives today. The longtime soccer writer has a source that says Johnson is gone from Seattle like last week’s fish special at the Pike Market.

Specifically, Goff has reported that D.C. United is among the teams considering bringing Johnson aboard. Risky? Yes. But United is a team in position to take risks, badly in need of a striker who can do the business near goal.

Putting Johnson in a place where a lot of elements are already in place looks like a gamble. Putting him at RFK, where things are already as bad as they can be, makes more sense.

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