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Watch what Toronto FC midfielder Jonathan Osorio does to New York’s Kosoke Kimura. Ridiculous.

Kosuke Kimura

I don’t know what Red Bulls defender Kosuke Kimura ever did to Toronto FC midfielder Jonathan Osorio, but it must have been something else.

Because Osorio – either a really bad guy, or an OK guy who had a ridiculous bad moment – did something incredibly reckless and dangerous as the teams met in New York tonight.

We typically talk about “reckless” and “dangerous” in terms of tackles, in the context of how these injurious actions could damage a knee or ankle. But what about something so wanton that it could cause serious head or eye injuries?

Watch the video below. It’s the 77th minute at Red Bull Arena. Kimura is chopped down and, as he lays defenseless on the grass, Osorio kicks the ball as hard as he can into the Red Bull defender’s head.

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Yes, the action happens pretty quickly. But professional soccer players have seen the ball enough to know what’s what … so Osorio cannot claim ignorance here. He lined up the fallen man and took out a little frustration on him.

Referee Edvin Jurisevic needs a little talking to on this one as well. Osorio should have been thrown out the game; I would even wager a Don Garber bobblehead that he’ll pick up a retroactive suspension from the disciplinary committee for this one. But Jurisevic decided it wasn’t even worth a booking.

So, if you’re counting, that’s “ridiculous times two.” One, for Osorio’s foolish stunt, and two for Jurisevic’s irresponsible inaction.

Here’s the moment: