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Conference expansion chatter in peak form

The conference expansion talk -be it Big Ten, Pac-10, Big 12, Big East, whatever - is in peak form this week. Seems there are about 16 different scenarios (OK, actually more, but 16 that make sense) and Notre Dame and Texas are at the center of everything.

But mostly, it’s all talk right now. We don’t know anything. And when I say talk, I don’t mean just among writers and bloggers and twitters. Conference and school presidents are probably doing more of it than anyone.

So read up, but know that everything could change tomorrow.

As a Kansas grad, the one topic that interests me most is what happens to the Jayhawks. They’re not power broker in football, so KU usually gets omitted in the switching conference discussions. Will Kansas be paired with Kansas State in the future? Maybe not.

Unless the Big 12 stays intact, the Missouri rivalry is shot. And despite an earlier report that the Kansas board of regents won’t allow the Jayhawks and Wildcats to be split up, the Sunflower Showdown also may go bye-bye.

“It is not automatic,” said Gary Sherrer in an interview Monday with KMBC (Kansas City). “I think everybody would be disappointed if those two schools weren’t in a regular league together.”

He added that the regents would support the schools joining different conferences if it was in the best interest for each. So there’s that.

My favorite part was how Sherrer finished: “What do you think it says, when traditional rivalries that built up over all those years, with all the alums, are just kind of tossed out the window? For one reason: the buck.”

You tell ‘em, Gary! (Now, where are those revenue totals from Kansas ticket sales last year...)

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