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Standhardinger battling staph infection


As sports injuries go, there are only a few that really make me cringe.

The first would be the common problem of a “sharp blow to the midsection,” as broadcasters euphemistically refer to a thunk in the junk.

I’m not sure where the completely non-euphemistic staph infection would fall, but it’s way up there. We’ve all been in some grody locker rooms before, and the notion that some of those teeming bacteria can get into a small cut and start a flesh-eating Mardi Gras celebration is, in a word, horrifying. We’ve heard about it quite a bit in football circles, but the newest Big West member is facing the issue as well.

Christian Standhardinger, the former Nebraska forward who transferred to the islands and is looking forward to a return to the court after sitting out a season, may have to wait a little longer, according to the Court Sense blog.

Christian Standhardinger arrived halfway through the session in street clothes and his right elbow taped up thoroughly. The junior forward will miss an estimated two weeks with a staph infection, which will take him up right around the Nov. 9 season opener. In other words, he’s now in the same boat as Vander Joaquim.

Standhardinger’s elbow swelled up pretty good over the weekend since he first noticed an inflamed area on Friday, and he visited a hospital Monday to have it treated.

“This is bad luck. I was here the whole preseason and summer league, and I never missed a practice,” the Nebraska transfer said. “Now I’m out until close to the season (start). A little bit unfortunate. But you just gotta play the cards you (are dealt) as good as possible. Trying to be back as soon as possible.”

He said he will try to learn the team’s implemented schemes in the meantime, and work on his left hand if he is allowed.

With both Joaquim and Standhardinger on the shelf, the Warriors start the season pretty thin up front. They’ve traded in a couple of all-league candidates for unproven players like the slender Ozren Pavlovic and 6'6" senior Hauns Brereton.