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Great Moments in Chutzpah: “Derek Jeter 3000 balls”

The New York Daily News reports that a company in New Jersey is about to get the pants sued off of it by Major League Baseball. And based on the description of the company’s behavior, I don’t have much a of a problem with it. Indeed, I wouldn’t have a problem with law enforcement getting involved, because this sounds like freakin’ fraud:

National Collectors Gallery bought 100 Jeter-autographed baseballs from Steiner Sports, which is licensed to sell Yankee collectibles. The balls came with MLB holograms that authenticated Jeter’s signature ... NCG then engraved “DEREK JETER, 3000th HIT, YANKEE STADIUM, SATURDAY, JULY 9, 2011" on the balls before offering them to fans.

Call me crazy, but they’re clearly trying to pass off these balls as having some greater connection to Jeter’s 3000th hit than they really have, not just re-selling Jeter autographs. And no, this obviously wouldn’t fool you, me or Christian Lopez, but it could easily fool some young fan’s grandmother, who thinks she’s buying something special for the kid.

The baseball memorabilia market: you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.